What is Musicspace Protect?

Find out more information about what exactly Musicspace Protect is.

Written by KaranLast update 3 years ago

Musicspace Protect is our very own Copyright protection tool. We created "Protect" with the help of our awesome Worldwide Copyright expert Lawyer, Nancy, from Canada! 👩🏾‍⚖️

Musicspace protect allows you to add several layers of protection to your Copyrighted work using what we refer to as "three angles of proof". Once your file is uploaded to our platform, we date, time, and location (IP-address) stamp your file and create a protected record of your registered files in seconds. Think of this as your own digital fingerprint for your file. 

With Protect, you can protect:

  • Song files 
  • Cover Arts & other images you own
  • Lyrics (word docs, etc). 

Note: We have a max file upload size of 50MB per file you wish to protect.

Going A Step Further:

Should you ever get into any legal troubles regarding your protected work, Musicspace will sign a sworn affidavit providing any court proof that you uploaded your file and protected it using our platform (on whichever specific time, date, and location).

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